Company presentation


Classen Appparatebau Wiesloch GmbH – the genuine Wiesloch-heater people

1998 – today

Norbert Classen (previously CEO of Bertrams-KONUS), Claus Albrecht (previously authorized officer of Bertrams-KONUS) and Hans-Raymund Roos (previously commercial director of Bertrams-KONUS) founded the company Classen Apparatebau Wiesloch ("CAW") in 1998, to resume the direct sales of Wiesloch-products and equipment.

Since its founding, CAW has been an owner-managed and completely independent company.


1993 - 1997 IRSM

In the same place the company IRSM fabricated thermal oil and auxiliary installations for KONUS-Kessel and the successor Betrams-KONUS as well as for other companies.


1989 – 1992 Kraftanlagen Heidelberg (KAH)

The production facilities remained in operation with a new owner and continued to fabricate heaters and equipment parts for KONUS-Kessel and several other companies.


1967 – 1989 Apparatebau Wiesloch

Up to the early 90s, the name represented a leading company in the production of high-temperature heating systems. "Wiesloch" had sold about 4,000 thermal oil heaters all over the world, including heaters for maritime use, wood-fired plants and plants using liquid and gas fuels.


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