Mebelnij Mir 2016

Classen Apparatebau Wiesloch GmbH (“CAW”) – The Solution Providers

Despite the still flagging economic situation and restrained demand in Russia, the team at CAW is taking pride in having been awarded a new job at one of their long-term and key customers: A vertically upwards thermal oil heater, fired by natural gas and with a heating capacity of 8 MW will be delivered as a backup and supplement system to be installed parallel to the biomass-fired CAW-thermal oil heater plant into one of the leading Russian plywood mills. Once this new heater will be installed and integrated in the existing thermal oil heating system later this year it will provide both, increased sustainability of veneer and plywood production as well as sufficient reserve capacity.

At this point a brand new wood waste-fired thermal oil heater system with a nominal capacity of 10 MW is being commissioned in a plywood mill in Estonia for the company’s most long-standing client. This plant will heat a multiple-deck veneer dryer, several multi-daylight plywood presses, the log conditioning ponds and will also generate warm water for building heating purposes. An economizer for waste heat recovery will boost the efficiency to the maximum.

Very soon the world’s largest biomass-fired thermal oil heater system for decentralized power generation, featuring a single reciprocating grate with 55 m2 of grate surface and a nominal thermal oil heating capacity of 31.5 MMW, is being fired up in the USA. This unit will generate 8 MW of electrical power from forest waste for one of the leading-edge wooden pellet producers in North America.

CAW was established in 1998. While steadily growing it has made a name worldwide as a leading supplier for technologically advanced, sophisticated and customized high temperature process heating systems applying thermal oil as the heat transfer agent. The company specializes in state-of-the art reciprocating firing grates with heavy industrial combustion chambers, decentralized power stations using the ORC-process as well as thermal oxidizers. It provides the full range of engineering and hardware for process heating technology, heat storage and heat distribution out of one hand. This is real single-source responsibility for the maximum benefit of the company’s many clients all over the world!

Meet CAW at this year’s ДеревоОбработка / Биоэнергетика trade show in Minsk from 27th to 30th September 2016. Also, company will again be participating in the Лесдревмаш exhibition in Moscow from 24th to 27th October 2016. You are cordially invited to drop by in order to discuss your project and specific needs around process heating and combustion.

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