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High temperature process heating
– fossil fuel-fired thermal oil heaters

The centerpiece of CAW: The KONTAKTOMAT® thermal oil heater

Our well proven, reliable and robust KONTAKTOMAT® thermal oil heaters – in single pass design using both radiant and convective heaters, as well as in three pass design – are the very heart of every CAW high-temperature process heating system. Fired with almost any available liquid and gaseous fuels, all sizes are available in both horizontal and vertical configuration.

Considering the heater layout, besides parameters such as heat flux density inside the combustion chamber (NOX formation, film temperature) and economic pressure losses (power consumption of fans and pumps), we focus in especially on efficiency rates and thus, the saving of primary energy. In combination with our combustion air pre-heaters and other heat recovery sections, we can achieve efficiencies of up to 95 %.

We cover in a single unit the performance range from 100 up to 25,000 kW in the temperature range of up to 550 °C. All of the various heat transfer media may be applied - in addition to thermal oils also warm and hot water as well as molten salts can be used. By means of additional heat exchangers further heat consumers are supplied with secondary heating media such as steam, water or hot gas if necessary.
Our heaters are designed, manufactured and tested according to the country of destination and customer requirements according to the valid guidelines and regulations as e.g.: PED 2014/68 / EU, ASME "U-Stamp / Section VIII Division 1" and "S-Stamp / Section I", EAC TR-CU Russia and Eurasian Economic and Customs Union, ML for the PRC etc.


Natural gas-fired heater – Belorussia

Natural gas-fired heater with air pre-heater – USA

Natural gas-fired heater, packaged unit – USA

Natural gas-fired heater with air pre-heater – Germany

Natural gas-fired heater with air pre-heater – USA

Natural gas and light fuel oil-fired heater, redundant twin system – Switzerland

Pump skids – USA

Natural gas-fired heater, redundant twin system – Kazakhstan

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