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Everything around combustion, heat generation and heat distribution from a single source

At CAW, we are specialists in the wide range of industrial high-temperature process heating and industrial combustion technology. Beyond the application of thermal oils, we offer solutions for:


Thermal oil vaporisers

For applications where thermal oil is required in vapor phase we build electrically heated vaporisers as well as flash vaporisers.


Steam generation

Complete steam generator systems indirectly heated with thermal oil, including feedwater degassing, softening and preheating.


Warm and hot water generation

Our KONTATOMAT® thermal oil heaters are also excellently suited for operation in closed hot and warm water circuits. Of course, we also supply indirectly heated warm and hot water generators.


Molten salts

For highest temperatures far beyond the applicability of thermal oils, we offer heaters that use molten salts as the heat transfer medium - these are eutectic binary or even ternary mixtures of KNO3, NaNO2 and NaNO3.


Hot air and hot gas generation

For processes where hot air (without combustion off gases) or hot gases directly from combustion are used. We supply both, thermal oil to gas and gas to gas heat exchangers. We also build customized combustion chambers and hot gas blend chambers especially for these applications.


Heat recovery / waste heat systems

Not only do we apply our KONTAKTOMAT® thermal oil heaters, but we also build combustion air and process gas pre-heaters, warm and hot water economizers and other heat recovery sections.

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