After-sales Service and spare parts

Long live your heating system!

Grafik Schulungen & Personaldienstleistung


Even if your system is getting old at some point, we will provide you with all the spare parts for a long life.

Although we do not compromise on quality and reliability - the first thermal oil heater we manufactured in 1998 is still in operation at the same location today - the wear and tear of components that are subject to high thermal and mechanical loads is inevitable.

We offer you spare parts for all systems we supply over their entire service life. We also use our drawings and parts lists to manufacture the components required for replacement, such as complete heating surface systems.

Based on your technical documentation and the item numbers stored there, we can still identify every component we have supplied, even after many years.

If you do not take any risks when purchasing spare parts, you can buy from us as the manufacturer of your system. By the way: You can also get spare parts for your system from us, even if it is not "Made by CAW".

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