Industries and areas of application


Wood industry

  • heating of single and multi daylight presses
  • continuous presses
  • calender presse
  • reactors for glue production
  • drying chambers
  • belt and roller conveyor dryers
  • conditioning chambers and ponds

Natural gas-fired heater – Belorussia

Wood waste-fired system, plywood mill – Latvia

Wood waste-fired heater, saw mill – Canada

Wood waste-fired system, plywood mill – Russia


Electrical industry

  • production of circuit boards

Natural gas-fired heater, redundant twin system – Kazakhstan



  • PET production
  • presses for semi-finished products
  • extruders,
  • rolling mills for film and foil production

Natural gas-fired heater with air pre-heater – USA


Utilisation of renewable enrgies, solar energy

  • solar thermal power plants
  • thermal utilization of biomass of all kinds
  • sewage / digester gas incineration

Bitumen, tar, lubricants and oil

  • production of roof and floor coverings
  • heating of bitumen and fuel storage tanks, asphalt mixers, coking plants
  • heating of autoclaves, stirring and cooking vessels

Thermal exhaust gas incineration – Denmark


Chemical and process industry

  • heating of extruders
  • loading and unloading systems for viscous substances
  • synthetic presses
  • autom. Spraying equipment
  • melting and reaction vessels
  • autoclaves
  • heating of dryers, tanks, baths, etc.
  • concentration, distillation, regeneration, and smelting plants
  • linoleum production
  • calender heating
  • thin-film evaporators

Natural gas-fired heater, packaged unit – USA

Natural gas-fired heater with air pre-heater – Germany

Pump skids – USA

Thermal exhaust gas incineration, explosion-hazardous exhaust air, zone 0 – Germany


Food and beverages

  • large baking ovens
  • frying plants
  • fat hardening plants
  • bottle washing plants
  • can washing plants
  • spray dryers
  • distillation plants
  • catering equipment
  • deodorising of edible oilsesodorierung von Speiseölen

Natural gas-fired heater with exhaust incineration / food production – Germany


Paint and varnish production

  • heating of drying chambers and drying kilns

Natural gas and light fuel oil-fired heater, redundant twin system – Switzerland


Building materials

  • production of prefabricated concrete parts in drying tables or drying chambers
  • transportable systems for concrete processing

Textile and laundry

  • dryer and washing machines
  • coating equipment
  • dye baths
  • dyeing and fixing frames
  • heat treatment equipment
  • ironing stations
  • production of thermoplastic synthetic fibers
  • printing cylinder and calender heating

Mechanical engineering and metalworking

  • heating of oil baths
  • paint spraying and drying systems
  • degreasing systems
  • acid and pickling bath

Paper and felt

  • heating of laminating rollers
  • drying hoods
  • drying cylinders
  • drying chambers
  • printing machines

Soap and detergents

  • cooking pots
  • spray and drying towers
  • saponification plants

Other heating systems / heat exchangers

  • building and shop heating
  • hot water generation
  • indirect steam generation
  • hot air generators
  • heat exchangers in general

Marine and shipbuilding

  • heating of cargo tanks for e.g. chemicals, liquid sulfur
  • crude and heavy oil tankers
  • dredgers
  • ship loading and unloading equipment, heating of fuel storage tanks and fuel supply systems